Playground, Swing Set Removal, Fast Appointments

//Playground, Swing Set Removal, Fast Appointments

Playground, Swing Set Removal, Fast Appointments

playground removal and swing set haul away

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Professional Removal of Swings and Playground Equipment



Get it done, remove that old swing set or old rotting playground structure.


Whether it’s aluminum, metal or rotting old wood, consider it handled, just give us a buzz



Complete Playgrounds, Sand included


Let’s say you need to make a playground disappear.  Why on earth? Trust us, we have done it.

Worry free removal of the wooden structure


We’ll bring the saws, sledge hammers, wrenches and other equipment needed for disassembly or demolition.


What if it’s a steel structure?


Consider it handled, this isn’t our first rodeo.  That being said we will recycle the steel for you.


Once your structure is gone we can take the sand or bark mulch.


Removal of sand or bark mulch is as easy as giving us a hauler!  (See what I did there lol )


Alright jokes aside, if you have a few cubic yards of sand or mulch from the playground we can handle it manually or by skidsteer loader.

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