Ever tried removing or loading up a wheelbarrow of concrete?

How about demolished up a concrete slab?

Yes! Tough work!

Indeed hauling rubble is physically demanding arduous work.

Even with the right equipment and lifting technique it’s not for the faint of heart.

Luckily, we’re your huckleberry

a complete solution for your dense material disposal needs.

Small and large removal jobs.

Concrete removal and hauling whether

We haul concrete, clean or dirty

Bringin’ the noise!

You break up the slab  Or we’ll go hardcore on it for you!

Industrial Athletes, Get it done RIGHT

  • Experience – Anyone who has operated a jack hammer and even a wheelbarrow will tell you. There IS a learning curve.
    Rookies, step to the side.
  • Proper lifting technique – Lift with great form and your back will reward you with more muscle instead of more back ache.
  • The proper equipment – Skid steer loaders, jack hammers, sledges and of course our 6 wheeled trucks a great compromise between payload and maneuverability.
  • An amazing work ethic – No doubt, concrete removal is so arduous it makes the unseasoned slab warrior want to quit 1/8th of the way to the finish line.

Full service solutions

You read correctly, with the a few clicks or a phone call to 650-367-6744 you can free yourself of that pile of concrete or old cracked cement slab. From San Francisco to San Jose

Examples of Hauls Performed

  • Large piles of concrete left over from construction or demolition projects.
  • Old cracked concrete piles apparently sitting for ages.
  • Remnants of the old property owners abandoned projects
  • Old left over concrete stairs.
  • Unwanted slabs of concrete cleared to make room for sod or hardscape.
Concrete hauling is easier with our Eco-Dumpster

Our bins lower to make concrete loading safe.

Case Study: East Palo Alto, Ca Concrete Hauling Job

Check this out!

A large amount needed to be hauled off in one day, approximately 15 cubic yards of concrete with some brick.

concrete hauling east palo alto before shot

Before hauling, the place was a complete mess.

As can be appreciated in the pictures tons of concrete lay stubbornly on the ground.

However, with us on your side, the junk stops here.

Mid job we decided to take a break and snap this picture.

mid job of hauling off the cement

/The End

after pictures of the concrete hailing job

Surprisingly Satisfying BEFORE and AFTER

before after removal picture

The Equipment Used

Dump trucks are used for all concrete hauling jobs obviously there is no room for wimpy pick up trucks here!

A one ton full size pick up truck can safely haul a maximum of 2,000 lbs of concrete however we safely haul almost 4x that!

Easy does it, equipment is a force multiplier

In addition to hauling the concrete, our trucks make our job easier. In fact their ability to drop our Eco-Dumpster® bin onto the ground makes our loading safe and more efficient.

Wheelbarrows, skid steers and seasoned muscle are all used when the job dictates, however we have accomplished jobs in which wheelbarrows would not fit.

That’s right, good ol’ fashion muscle.

Ropes, Pulleys and Buckets

As mentioned earlier sometimes wheelbarrow and special equipment just wont work.

In those situations we have been known to employ:

  • Muscle
  • Pulleys and Ropes
  • 5 gallons buckets
  • Sheer determination

Safety is no joke

Proper protective equipment must be worn when handling concrete:

The safety equipment:

  • Sturdy leather gloves
  • Dust Masks
  • Hard hats
  • Eye protection are all a necessity.
  • Steel toe boots

Weight considerations with dense materials


Truck can only be partially filled

As much as we wish we could, there is no way one of our dumpster bins could be safely and legally filled entirely with concrete.

First and foremost concrete hauling is taxing on equipment.

The sheer weight would make it impossible to transport a full bin of concrete over our roads, not to mention our truck would break faster than cellphone screen on a sidewalk.

How much can you haul at a time?

Depending on the density of the concrete our driver will inform you what the crew can transport. Usually 4 to 5 cubic yards.

San Francisco, special city different approach to hauling.

As we know, a lot of things in San Francisco are a lot smaller than in other parts of the bay area.

Side yard entrances are not always there. Gas meters and narrow entrances make this city especially challenging.

The little nuances of working in a special city

For example, China town, is a neighborhood in San Francisco which has very limited parking and backyard access often times limited or inaccessible.

Occasionally access was so limited the only way to haul was in 5 gallon buckets, no doubt tedious and grueling work.

If you require services which may require excessive labor or special considerations feel free to schedule a consultation for a price quote.

Hauling broken cement up stairs into one of our bins. No guts no glory.

In San Francisco sometimes access just isn’t there.

For example, side gate access was unavailable at this job site.

Every cement pier and chunk had to be hauled away by hand or in 5 gallon buckets through the home.

What’s that tractor loader gonna do up those stairs?

A wheelbarrow or bobcat would have been useless in such situation. We got the job done on time on budget and without damage to any property.

Heavy stubborn slabs were simply laying on top of the ground .

We used sledge hammers and our technique to get them broken down to size.

Bobcat Skid-steer Removal and Loading

Have a lot of material? relatively level ground, and 36 inches of access to your project?

Our small Bobcat loaders fit through a 36″ gate as long as there are no other obstructions.

In cases like these our specialty skid steers can get in and retrieve pieces with a specialty grapple bucket effectively loading safely and efficiently.

grapple bucket for concrete removal

Our skid steers are equipped with grapple buckets to hold on to the pieces as we squeeze by side gates.

Pros and Cons of loading by machine


  • Fast, a competent operator can move dirt without tiring.
  • Safe, given a competent operator.
  • Can save you $$$
  • Our narrow 36″ machines means we can get through many side gates.


  • Not easy on shrubbery or landscaping
  • Weighs 3,000 lbs but with a very small footprint so it’s hard on soft surfaces
  • Can’t climb stairs.
  • NOT friendly on landscape

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