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More Information and the details

How much does it cost?

Cost of disposal varies.

Price of shed disposal is determined after a visual inspection of your shed.
Of course sheds come in many sizes, methods of construction and vary overall in extraction or demolition difficulty.
Cheer up, our estimates are free, no hassle, and zero pressure.

What kind of sheds?

Wooden, tin and even plastic sheds, over the years we have done them all.

Fast Service.

Our services are fast and reliable.

Easy to Schedule, Removal Services 6 days a week.



Most sheds can be disassembled and hauled off within a day however every situation is different.

Our service is available Monday through Saturday between 8am and 6pm rain or shine with exceptions for unsafe or inclement weather.



How is shed removal performed?



Very carefully, haha.  No, seriously every situation is different.  Some sheds in the case of the stand up plastic sheds can simply be hauled off or disassembled.


More robust sheds are disassembled with hammers crowbars and other equipment.  All trash and recyclable material is loaded into our eco-dumpsters for proper disposal.



Top Reasons why people remove their sheds.




It’s been taken over by pests.


Pests love to take advantage of the shelter sheds provide.  Consequently storage sheds frequently become infested with rodents and other wildlife.

Pro tip –  Always close your shed door to avoid uninvited guests to your shed.


It’s ugly


Unfortunately the elements are hard on sheds.  Whether tin, aluminum or wood they all require constant upkeep to look aesthetically pleasing.




Sometimes, less is more.  Ready to get your shed removed?


Styles change


Houses are renovated and given facelifts, not the case for sheds, so they age.   Rather than renovate them it’s usually easier to remove and replace it.



Realistically How much will shed removal cost?


The price is calculated based on how much material your shed will produce and how labor intensive it is to remove the shed.

Don’t get me wrong we LOVE clear answers but the answer is only accurate upon visual inspection.






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