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Do Junk car removal promptly, certainly your neighbors will appreciate the gesture.



What happens to the cars?


Steel baled are loaded onto ship

First ships are loaded with scrap steel from recycled American scrap.



Bales make the trek to china

Second scrap is shipped to smelters.


Junk car is shredded, baled

Manufacturers create new items out of recycled metal.


Voila, brand new metallic items made of old junk cars.

Voila, new metal items made of old junk cars



Service Areas

san francisco unwanted junk car


Scrap Car Removal in San Francisco


Certainly, we will come to the city and haul away your unwanted junk car.


Obviously, working in the city comes with it’s own challenges, however it’s important to note our love of challenges especially when it’s part of the job.


Obviously if we can’t get your junk vehicle out there is no fee.



Removals in San Mateo


San Mateo junk cars are no match for our haul away skills.

Above all your old sedan or coupe or suv will be on our rigs before you know it!

Certainly the 101 corridor is something we are familiar with as we drive it daily. Of course if that is blocked off with traffic  we will take 280 and go from there.





– A lot of junk cars in the town waiting to get hauled away, of course with out assistance you too will be free of junk cars.
Seeing that any type of junk attracts more junk in Oakland its imperative to keep areas clear of junk or old junk cars.

Unfortunately due to the heavy amount of industrial areas and Police Officers being short staffed shady characters are taking advantage of Oakland in order to dump trash, old vehicles, on public and private property.

Compound this with the recent out of control homelessness problem and you have a recipe for illegal dumping.


San Jose


–  Indeed traffic is a real burden around the Silicon Valley area however we are still here to cover your needs.


Real estate is way too pricey to be storing old dilapidated cars.  We go all over San Jose!




Problems with hoarding old unwanted cars



Let’s be honest here, the neighbors will hate you.



Your neighbors can be your best friends or your worst nightmare, lets keep it cordial by being considerate of the neighborhood.



Code enforcement may fine you.


The fine fellas (see what I did there) at the cities code enforcement department may be forced to ticket you if they gather enough complaints or notice your old car causing a public nuisance.



Squatters may break in, this includes: raccoons, rats, humans.


Especially lately, cars are becoming apartments it seems like.

Yes, unfortunately rents are becoming so sky high in the San Francisco bay area many sleeping in their cars however those without a car are sleeping in unlocked cars, tents or under bridges.


Leaving a car sitting for too long may cause the engine to seize or other problems.

Of course hoses rot, rubber parts deteriorate and corrosion takes a toll when a car is left to sit.

For this reason even a brand new car will probably struggle cranking over if left unattended for a few years.



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