fill dirt delivered to you

Excellent for grading and back filling.


Need dirt to fill that ugly hole in your property?

No one needs dirt until they really need it.

Need to fill a swimming pool hole? Backfill a retaining wall?


Luckily our network will help you receive soil for backfilling purposes.

How it works?


Eazy peezee

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First Name

Last Name



ZIP Code


How much dirt do you need? (Cubic Yards)

When do you need it?



We will match up your soil request and email you.

Once we get the best match, ourselves or someone from our network of dirt haulers will give you a call.

Keep in mind, for us or our network of haulers to be able to deliver free of charge it must be able to be easily plugged into our routes.


if there is a delivery charge it would be quoted up front without hassle.


Check us out delivering a load

Sometimes free delivery is not available.


Obviously fuel, and trucking is not cheap, unfortunately there are certain situations in which we would have to charge.  We will let you know upfront,

however it never hurts to try.  Serendipity!


Here are some situations in which we may have to charge a small fee


  • Delivery cannot be easily be plugged into our route.
  • Delivery is far away
  • Time consuming
  • Complicated situations


We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and upfront.


Who are we? and what we are about.


Small tenacious junk disposal service our largest concern is landfilling the least amount as possible.


It’s for this reason we provide this service to the community.


Privacy Concerns

We only share your information with dirt haulers for this request and this request only.  The purpose of this website is to help place fill dirt from clean back yards in places other than landfills.

Information is transmitted over encrypted SSL 🙂


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