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About us



Who we are

A small TOUGH, INNOVATIVE Veteran owned and operated machine with very strict standards, simply put professionals.

Our full service operation is powered by JunkGeneral work ethic… Started in 2006 we called our dumpster bins eco-dumpster and the brand just stuck with our clients.

Today all our trucks are eco-dumpster’s however our full service arm is powered by JunkGeneral’s safe but aggressive move with a purpose “I’m here to kick a@$ attitude”.


First and foremost we respect your domain and privacy, we don’t share your information with anyone unless you ask us to. (as in referring you to movers or other pro)

Of course we certainly don’t spam your email.

Innovative, resourceful, and creative

In 2006 we were the FIRST company to use 100% biodiesel in their junk trucks. Fact check it.

As expected everyone else followed which is great!

Creativity beats brute force every time.

Omar’s dad called it maña, which is Mexican vernacular for manual skill or ability.

Special Ops of Junk Removal, No joke

As far as the work ethic, second to none the special operations of Hauling businesses.

The founder is ON THE TRUCK in the business since he was 22… He’s now 35 and all kinds of gray. LoL

We have removed everything from 1,000 lb safes, pianos, vehicle, boats and other complicated extractions.

Clearing out full estates and maximizing recycling and re use rates is our specialty.

Where we come from:

Founded in 2006 after Omar’s tour to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Zone with the Task force California.

While patrolling around in a troop carrier in New Orleans he saw huge piles of junk piled underneath freeway underpasses.

He was mind blown at the sheer volume of junk and how most of it would not be recycled. The rest is history.

Our business mantra.

Upfront, our prices will always be upfront.  In the case where additional junk is found or dense materials or items with special pricing we will stop work and inform you in order to have you make a decision.