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15 yarder

Use this debris box for the following tasks:

  • Clearing out a studio apartment – Furniture, knick knacks and bric a brac can all go into our eco-dumpsters.
  • Dispose of a standard sized spa tub with room to spare. – Lets just say a hot tub fits easily in the 15 cubic yard model.
  • Office, and warehouse decluttering –  Need to tidy up a bit? Perfect solution, eco-dumpster!
  • Renovations
  • Cleaning out a 1 car garage however for a 2 car garage we recommend you start off with the 18 cubic yard eco-dumpster.
  • Yard work, green waste,

    if you have a lot of stumps we recommend you upgrade to the 18 cubic yard debris box which includes 3 tons of payload.
  • General purging from different rooms.



15 yarder

15 yard debris box the most popular size in our line up is of course the 15 yarder.

Not too large but don’t underestimate it.

A well packed 15 yarder packs a wallop!

In addition with the footprint the size of a small car it’s the perfect size for the cluttered San Francisco streets.


What can go inside the box?



  • Household junk this includes: broken chairs, garden furniture, treadmills, old rugs appliances and much more.
  • Old wood, fence boards, miscellaneous garden junk
  • Unwanted exercise equipment of course is a very popular find in our eco-dumpster® bins
  • Constructions and demolition waste. Important to note, intermingled concrete, dirt, gravel or other dense


  • Paint, Liquids, Chemicals
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • More than a garbage can full of dense material MIXED. If you have dense material, contact us.
  • Please do not load more than the equivalent of a 40 gallon garbage can of dense material. Loading more may cause your dumpster to

    become overweight.Why is this important? A cubic yard of dense material can weigh about 10x as much as typical household trash


15 yarder, 2 tons of payload included.


Our truck picking up a 15 yarder in Woodside, Ca

Get a better idea of the capacity simply take a look below.

15 yarder holds 6 trucks

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