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Dumpster Rental and Full Service Haul Away in San Francisco Bay

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18 yarder

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Renting, the Quick Rundown:



Step 1.


Step 2.

  • Delivery day, you get 5 days, pay the driver, or prepay by online invoice.


Step 3

  • We pick up, sort, scavenge, donate, recycle and responsibly dump your junk.

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Responsive dumpster rental and hauling services in the San Francisco Bay Area including San Mateo , Atherton Ca, Burlingame Ca, Hillsborough Ca, Redwood City Ca, Emerald Hills, San Carlos, Belmont, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Woodside, Belmont, Half Moon Bay, Pescadero, Portolla Valley, San Francisco, Silicon Valley San Jose area,

Other parts of the San Francisco bay area as well, turn to us, were Veteran founded business too!

recycling eco

What is so eco about us?


Thought you’d never ask, For example it’s rare we visit the landfill.


Our multi pronged approach to salvage and up cycle combined with our network of recycling stations helps us minimize waste.

Of course it doesn’t hurt we evolved from the first junk hauling company to run their fleet on 100% recycled grease. (and obviously the first to register this awesome domain back before it was cool)



recycling process
The process



No green washing here we are the one and only original.

Hence our awesome domain name 🙂


payment options

Cost to rent and payment options.

prices are here.


Visa, M/C , Amex, checks and cash are all appropriate payment methods. Online invoices sent to your email are available with certain conditions call for information.

weight allowance
Sizes and weight allowances


, How to pick the right box for the job.


Our inventory


Bins come in 15 cubic yard, and 18 cubic yard flavors. (ok yes we are nerds at heart) However make note, we do pro rated 10 yarders for our clients with limited junk.

In addition, a few 20 yarders exist in our fleet, call for inventory on those.



Decide the right SIZE.


For example:

If you have a 8×10 sheds worth:


  • A Pro rated 10 yarder, is a good option.


A room full of junk or debris?

2 car garage worth:


Mind you, packing style and material will dictate how much your bin will hold so it’s a rough guide line.


weight allowance


Let’s talk about weight allowance


This means it’s the allotted weight allowance included in the price.


10 cubic yard

1 ton, 2,000 lbs included, $100 per ton pro rated if over 1 ton.


15 cubic yard

2 tons, 4,000 lbs included, $100 per ton pro rated if exceeded.


18 cubic yard

3 tons included, $120 per ton pro rated if overloaded.


acceptable materials green thumb up

This is what you CAN load in our eco friendly dumpsters


Eco Dumpster is Great for General discards such as:



Dumpsters for Construction Activities:


  • Concrete, 4 yards at a time.
    Segregated only ( we are serious!) Mixing is not allowed.
  • Metal Scrap


Special Disposal items:


  • Appliances are accepted in our eco-friendly bins at no additional charge.
  • E-waste, televisions, computers, and other electronics

No hazardous waste allowed


We don’t haul away hazardous waste.

No hazmat or bio hazardous waste. Make note, this applies to full service junk removal and do it yourself options.

Keep in mind if you try and load hazardous waste into the bin we will find it and that’s just embarrassing for all of us. Again, do not load or dispose of hazardous material, chemicals, hypodermic needles or other toxic liquids in our bins.


Got Paint?

Please refer to which provides you a list of easy drop off locations.

Household Hazardous Waste Resources:


Delivery Information


Rental Calendar,


Deliveries and pick ups are performed 6 days a week. However special exceptions made on a case by case basis if you know the secret word.


How are the dumpsters delivered?

Bins are delivered in 4 cylinder diesel hook lift trucks. Our truck gently rolls and guides the bin off the truck without slamming it down.


Better fuel economy means less pollution and less smog.

  • Luckily our trucks get approximately 50% better fuel mileage than larger trucks
  • All while serving up 3.5+ tons of payload available to our customers.
Eco-Dumpster® San Francisco Bay Area
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Eco Friendly Disposal Services
Disposal and Recycling
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full service hauling debris removal and rental of self load debris bins
Experts at hauling off whatever burdens you. Friendly, personal approach to salvage recycle and reuse. Veteran founded.

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