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Dumpster Rental : Straight Up, NO B.S Pricing,

Upfront dumpster pricing puts YOU in control

Get a Dumpster without the tacky bait and switch.

Get Eco-Dumpster® not your grandmas dumpster rental company, Our mission is to have you pick the right size at the right price.


Pro Rated 10 yarder eco dumpster

$549/5 day rental standard

1 ton of payload
Dimensions: You receive an 18 or 15 yarder but you get less payload.
Delivery of dumpster
Pick Up of dumpster
Sorting if applicable
Proper debris disposal
Direct Customer Service

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15 yarder eco dumpster

$645/5 day rental standard

1.5 tons of payload
Dimensions: 13x8x4
Delivery of dumpster
Pick Up of full dumpster
Proper Disposal of debris
Direct Customer Service

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18 yard eco dumpster

$685/5 day rental standard

2.5 tons of payload included
Dimensions: 13x8x5
Dumpster Delivery
Dumpster Pick Up
Responsible debris disposal
Direct Customer Service

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ConstructionHouseholdDense Materials

Dumpsters for construction

Rent this great roll off dumpster for easy and painless disposal of construction c&d waste. You can order online!

Eco Dumpster Rental for Household Clean outs and Yard Waste

From your house to your yard our service makes getting rid of excess stuff a cinch with our eco dumpsters . Keep in mind to clear out a full estate you are going to need about 3 dumpsters rentals. This is for an average full home. 3 bedroom 2 baths. Each case will vary easily order online.

How do know? We’ve spent more than a decade clearing out full estates.

Rent an eco dumpster to clear out soil

Great dumpster for loading up to 4 cubic yards at a time (we will give you instructions). Choose this dumpster is you have dense materials. Simply order online or call us 650-367-7644.

What are dense materials? Concrete, Tile, Rocks etc…

18 yarder 13x8x515 yarder
Check out the difference between an 18 yarder and a 15 yarder

Dumpsters to fit your needs.

Dumpsters in your

City :

Dumpster Rental in: City of San Mateo , Atherton Ca, San Francisco,  Burlingame Ca, City of Hillsborough Ca, Redwood City Ca, Emerald Hills, San Carlos, Belmont, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Woodside, Belmont, Half Moon Bay, La Honda , Sky Londa, Skyline, Pescadero, Portola Valley, Los Altos Hills, City of San Francisco, Silicon Valley City of San Jose and suburbs

Dumpsters available in other parts of the San Francisco bay area, give us a buzz

Founder is a graduate of the U.S Army School of Transportation in Ft Eustis Virginia, that’s how we roll.

We’re Veteran founded tenacious and take pride in serving you.

Dumpster rentals with a smile from our yard to your home or business. Rent from us! We’re independent and Veteran founded.

♻️ What makes us “eco” dumpster?

Our beginnings
Our innovative spirit
We refuse to litter your neighborhood with crap plastic signs

Eco-Dumpster started after the founder deployed to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster zone, from there as the founder patrolled in a troop carrier he saw hurricane debris, garbage and refrigerators EVERYWHERE.

All the trash was outside or it was hauled off and piled under freeway underpasses. From there the idea for was born.

A hauling service and dumpster service specializing in proper disposal of construction debris.

Omar’s mother had recently started a small corner store in Redwood City Ca. Coincidentally it had been Omar’s childhood corner store in the North Fair Oaks neighborhood of Redwood CIty.

This became JunkGeneral (full service arm) and Eco-Dumpsters first yard.

And well the rest is history.

And like we say “Eco-Dumpster, baby!”

While other dumpster companies went straight to the landfill we found our niche donating and reusing as much junk as we could. Construction waste goes to recycling facility first.

Our craft was honed as we became experts in diverting estate sale remnants.

In 2006 we were running 100% biodiesel made from RECYCLED oil. As a matter of fact we used to collect it from the U.S Chinese food restaurant in Redwood City Ca.

Well before any other hauling service or dumpster company.

Online bookings were simple, even back then!

Simply put we do things differently, we shy away from copying others and come up with our own processes.

Even our name is targeted by copy cats, it’s kinda flattering lol.

Eco Dumpster debris box rentals so original we own the dot com, and the trademark eat your heart out copy cats.

The irony, right? We refuse to place plastic signs in the public way. Lets just say we would rather go out of business than get tacky like that.

After all, those signs have to go somewhere right? Let others operate as they please but it’s not our thing.

Simply put, plastic stuff belong in a dumpster not tied to pole somewhere. After all, who’s going to pick up the sign when it blows off?

For this reason if you think like us,

give us some support, share us on social media. Help us out! That’s what makes us all great, helping each other bit by bit.

We whole heartedly appreciate the support.

Acceptable Material: Dumpster Rental

  • Household Stuff

  • Yard Waste

  • Metal Scrap

  • Construction and Demo Trash

  • Electronics

  • Appliances

Dumpster Rental Prohibited Items

  • More than a 32 gallon waste receptacle of dense debris (brick, stucco, mortar). Dumpsters are not made for intermingled dense material.

  • Paint, UNLESS it’s DRIED and solid LATEX paint.

  • Chemicals, this is common sense but we reiterate it here.

  • Pesticides

  • Asbestos, NO!

  • Fluorescent bulbs

Business Hours

  • Monday – Saturday


  • Sunday