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How it works, the Quick Rundown:

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Renting is Easy, arrange online or
Rent by, calling us OR text.

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Delivery day, Eco Dumpster is dropped, rental is for five day rental included, pay the driver, or prepay by online invoice as soon as you receive your canister.

we sort

Step 3


After dumpster rental
, dumpsters are sorted, scavenged, junk is recycled, donated or dumped. Indeed responsible disposal rests in our hands.


Renting our Trash Bin: Service Locations



Responsive Services in the San Francisco Bay Area



Dumpsters in these Cities:


San Mateo , Atherton Ca, Burlingame Ca, Hillsborough Ca, Redwood City Ca, Emerald Hills, San Carlos, Belmont, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Woodside, Belmont, Half Moon Bay, Pescadero, Portola Valley, San Francisco, Silicon Valley San Jose area.  



Dumpsters available in other parts of the San Francisco bay area, give us a buzz


We’re Veteran founded and as such take pride in what we do.


bin in front of the donation station

before and after

the idea started here

Where it all started. This picture was taken shortly after Hurricane Katrina 2005. Founder assigned to Task Force California for disaster relief.

before and after picture

Cost of dumpster rental &
payment options for dumpsters


Dumpster Prices are here.

Visa, M/C , Amex, checks and cash are all appropriate payment methods. Online invoices sent to your email are available with certain conditions call for information.

payment methods


Dumpster Sizes and Weight allowance


This means it’s the allotted weight allowance included in the price.

different size dumpsters

18 cubic yard dumpsters

  • Current Prices Here
  • 5 day rental included on all 18 cubic yarders.
  • Dumpster includes 3 tons!
  • That’s 6,000 pounds included.
  • $120 per ton pro rated if overloaded.
  • Dual barn doors for easy access and loading.
  • 13x8x5


15 yarder

15 cubic yard dumpsters


  • Current pricing is here
  • Dumpsters include 5 day rental by default
  • 2 tons of dumpster payload,
  • that’s 4,000 lbs,
  • 2, rear barn doors for easy access
  • 13x8x4 and we also have some 12x8x5’s.


10 cubic yard mini dumpster package

  • 5 day rental standard on dumpsters
  • 1 ton dumpster payload,
  • that’s 2,000 lbs included in the
  • $120 per ton pro rated if over 1 ton.
  • 2, rear barn doors for easy loading.
  • Pro rate one of our larger bins



5-7 Yard Ultra Small tub.


At the moment we only have 1 of these in our inventory so it’s first come first serve.

  • 1,000 pounds  of weight allowance
  • $349, flat rate. .06 cents per lb IF over 1,000 lbs.
  • No rear barn door. (you must load the box from the top)
  • 9x8x3 3 foot high sides make loading this tub very easy.
  • Dense materials can be loaded up to 4 yards (call us for more information)

♻️  What is so eco about us?

Thought you’d never ask, For example it’s rare we visit the landfill.

our logo

✅  Multi pronged approach to salvage and up cycle combined with our network of recycling stations helps us minimize waste.

Of course it doesn’t hurt we evolved from the first junk hauling company to run their fleet on 100% recycled grease. (and obviously the first to register this awesome domain back before it was cool).


Quick Process


  • Re-Use, were always looking for ways to increase reuse, that’s what makes us innovative.
  • Recycling
  • Not Reusable or recyclable gets properly dispose of.


Need a referral try our concierge service

Yes, over time we have gotten to know a lot of pro’s. Some we recommend some we don’t. Here is a list.


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