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Learn more about renting a dumpster, or about our easy full service haul away were a local San Jose Veteran Owned business too!


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Choose the right dumpster size, see below. 

What’s the damage?  Here are our prices and specs for our bins.





Prorated 10 yarder

✅  1 ton of payload ✅  5 day rental ✅  Delivery ✅  Pick Up ✅  Disposal, sorting and donating as needed. 6 cents per lb if weight exceeded. Excellent option for lighter materials. Receive a 15 or 18 cubic yard box (luck of the draw)
15 yarder




15 cubic yarder 13x8x4

✅  Disposal of 2 tons of payload, 4,000 lb’s ✅  Delivery ✅  Pick Up ✅  Sorting,




Great for clearing , fitting in the demolition debris from removing 10×12 a shed and its contents. Rent this bad boy , it fits the equivalent of 6 flush loaded pick up truck beds. Recycling and Donating when appropriate.

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18 yards of capacity




18 yarder 13x8x5

✅ Payload and disposal of up to 3 tons, (6,000) lbs of capacity. ✅  Delivery Meticulous personalized delivery to your door, heck well even drop by prior to and suggest the size you need if you would like. ✅  Pick Up Professional courteous and above all fast pick ups of your bin. ✅  Sorting, Dumping, Recycling, Donating,

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18 yard dumpster holds 7.22 pick up trucks worth of trash

18 cubic yarder holds

With this 18 yarder you will be able to fit the quivalent of 7.22 flush pick up truck loads worth of stuff.

15 yarder holds 6 trucks

15 yard ecodumpster

15 yarders pack a wallop when properly loaded. Use it to clear out the equivalent of a 10×12 shed with stuff inside. It holds the equivalent of 6 flush pick up truck loads.

What you can load

Household junk things like furniture pieces, clothing, mattresses, household appliances, electronic items and trash are all acceptable material.  

Construction Material concrete, stucco, dirt, brick mixed in) if you want to get rid of concrete it must be 4 yards at a time and not mixed with any other debris.  Call us for more information

.   Green waste lawn clippings, tree branches, palm is considered green waste but due to its fibrous nature cannot be processed by machinery for composting. (aka it will be landfilled, just keeping it real)   Metal stuff exercise equipment, old bikes, appliances,   even if an old junk piece cannot be reused it can be easily munched up for processing into new something new.

What you CAN’T load

Don’t be a smoggy don’t load hazardous chemicals or any bio-hazardous waste. No fluorescent bulbs. 
Hazmat, definitely do not load any type of liquid chemicals into our bins.  It’s bad for the environment and we want no part in your scheme if you roll like that.
Brick, concrete, dirt, or other dense materials in our garbage bins. IF YOU HAVE THIS , it must be loaded into a bin by itself without other trash at the amount of 4 cubic yards.Just call us for more info.
Fluorescent bulbs, do not load these in our eco-dumpster’s they will break make a mess and it’s not a good thing.
Hypodermic Needles ,  this is too obvious we do not process bio hazardous waste so please be courteous and DO NOT include these.

Weight Considerations and Limits

Do not intermingle more than 1, 32 gallon trash can worth of dense materials like concrete, soil, tile mortar or sand.

ZERO tolerance for HAZMAT

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