Appliance removal done fast, Eco-Dumpster® Hauls bulky appliances away.

We do appliance removal in most cities in the bay area including but not limited to: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the surrounding suburbs.

Fast, appliance removal working or not.

Whether you need to get rid of your washer, dryer, refrigerator or other household appliance, count on Eco-Dumpster® to haul it away.

Why go through the trouble of renting a truck and finding a place to responsibly dispose of the appliance ?

Eco-Dumpster® can easily do it all for you? Don’t let that fridge break your back, call Eco-Dumpster®.

Appliance Removal

We haul all appliances and recycle them.


Simply book online or call us the estimate is always free and upfront.

A simple call gets you on the schedule. Our online form can also put you right on the schedule. Either way the truck crew will give you a call twenty minutes prior to their arrival in the 2 hour time appointment window.


Removal and pick ups hauled in the San Francisco Bay, Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm

Recycling Considerations

  • Refrigerators – Refrigerators contain freon which must be recovered and disposed of by a special process . Freon has been deemed a factor in the depletion of the ozone layer.
  • Microwaves – Older microwaves contained mercury vapor bulbs and require special disposal.
  • Landfill Space– Even if an appliance does not contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals they take up significant landfill space. Eco-Dumpster® does not landfill appliances.

Do I need to place my item on the curb?

Eco-Dumpster® does full service appliance removal. We bring the dollies and the man power to extract the bulky piece from your life. We hauled out of attics, houses, offices, laboratories, basements and even boats!

Simply put it in your rental

If you would like to dispose of your appliance in our Eco-Dumpster self service bins, we make it simple.

  1. Place the appliance inside, we take care of pulling it out for recycling.

Or have us pick it for you

Don’t want to rent one of our cool receptacles?

Simply place an order for full service and your item can be picked up. FAST

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