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Dirt removal and disposal by the cubic yard

Removing dirt and hauling it away is no cake walk.

Loading and shoveling dirt is a tiring but character building endeavor.

Soil is heavy and as such requires sturdy equipment and trucks to be able to handle the weight.

Of course because of the density of soil we can only carry about 4 to 6 cubic yards at a time depending on dirt composition.

pile of dirt

Soils and Dirt we take

Certainly, there are a few different types of soil for example we haul away, clean and dirty.

Clean soil

Important to note clean soil is nothing but organic material and does not include things like garbage or concrete. Of course clean non contaminated soil would be suitable for reuse or fill
after completer concrete clearing
dirt close up

Dirty soil (intermingled with other dense materials)

Dirty soil is usually intermingled with garbage, chunks of concrete or other not acceptable material.

Of course soil like this must be properly landfilled and depending on what it’s mixed with may not be able to be screened at all for reuse.

Shovel loading, no biggie, simply put, we get it done.Dirt removal requires everything from shovels to machines depending on the size of the project.

Generally speaking for projects with less than 5 cubic yards or projects with delicate landscape or lack of access we choose this option to load and dispose of soil.

Yes this means we load by shovel into our eco-dumpster bins.

Not going to go into specific on the types of shovels we use but believe it or not it depends on the consistency of the soil.

Also, like everything else in life there is a proper way to shovel dirt, use the wrong technique and you could wrench your back. Not trying to scare you but be aware.

Larger project? Skid steer, Bobcat tractor loading is appropriate.

Skidsteer? The heck is that?

Simple, it’s a HIGHLY maneuverable tractor loader.

It’s able to turn in very tight spaces due to it’s special steering system.

What does this mean?

Tractor loaders used are 36″ wide, can get into very tight places including most side gates.

In addition, our tractor loaders have the ability to load dirt in our dumpsters in a fast efficient manner without tiring like humans.

Our tractors easily load soil into our bins.

End result of a mixed dirt removal and base rock removal job.

What does this mean? You pay us $300 dollars and we will load up,transport and make 1 cubic yard of dirt disappear ethically and responsibly.

Simple as that, however make note:

Additional services like dirt digging, bucket loading, and long walks may involve additional labor charges.

Sounds like a plan, just keep in mind the strongest commercially available pick up truck is made to carry 1 ton, dirt weighs approximately a ton+ per cubic yard.However a pick up truck box has a capacity of 2.5 cubic yards. See the problem?That being said, only fill up the pick up truck bed partially if you want to be safe on the road.