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We’re experts at hauling and removing old hot tubs.

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Removal of in-ground and above ground hot tubs.

Spas come in a few configurations.

For example, above ground or sunken into a deck are the most popular configurations.

The tub directly below is an above ground model, was relatively new however our client decided the upkeep was too high.

Case Study: Removal of an intact tub through a side gate.

Important to note, if your hot tub can come out in one piece it can save considerable amount of labor and is always the first option.

Hot tub removal was performed fast

We start with a broken spa

Fast and Responsive Service.

This client needed immediate removal.

Make note, the job was called in on a Monday and we were performing full service hot tub removal the next day.

Electricity must be unhooked

It is crucial the electricity be unhooked when dealing with any type of hot tub. Most hot tubs are connected to 240v electrical so attempting a hot tub removal without the proper preparation can be catastrophic.

We used technique, proper form and muscle to get this hot tub hauled away in the San Francisco Bay.

Technique is as important as brawn

Team work makes the dream work

Strength is only part of the solution when dealing with hot tub removal jobs.

Team work, proper lifting technique, experience and the ability to communicate effectively are a crucial part of the process.

We use several methods to remove the spa

We use several methods and techniques to safely dispose of your spa.

Threading the needle

Most hot tub removal jobs take place in our customers backyards. However, sometimes the location can be the most difficult obstacle.

If your hot tub clears your side gate and other obstructions we can roll the spa right out. This is the best case scenario.

In the situation depicted below we had to avoid shrubbery, delicate gutters and expensive fence work.

Weighing in at 600 lbs, if the hot tub fell it could have easily punched a hole through the fence or our customers window.

We are experienced in hauling these behemoths

Experience is the key

Removing hot tub through small side gate

Experts in removing hot tubs

But what if it doesn’t fit through my side gate?

If your spa does not fit through your side gate we can still help, we can demolish it.

Indeed, the demolition process includes cutting the spa into manageable pieces.

Of course this process is a tedious and dusty process which we can perform for you.

Spa Demolition and haul away is the answer.

When the spa doesn’t fit or is just way too dilapidated we must demolish it like mentioned above.

Check out the case study below:

brought in by crane, sat on a balcony and had to be removed through a luxury home.

No other way to do it, escrow needed to close and the spa needed to be out yesterday. Sound familiar?

You heard that right, this dusty leaky hot tub was extracted and carried through a staged luxury home, complete with expensive hardwood floors and immaculate white carpet.

Hot tub perched on top of a balcony in San Francisco

Preparing to remove this hot tub.

Care and experience is a must for complex extractions.

Cutting the tub

Let the fun begin to add to the fun a 50+ ft drop winks at us below 😉

There are perks to this job. The view is one of them.

Check out how narrow the balcony is.

Hot tub cut into smaller pieces

Making progress. Jobs like these cannot be rushed. In this shot we can really appreciate how narrow the balcony really is.

The hot tub is demolished and surface is ready for clean up.

Bagged and ready

Ready for extraction.

Experience counts

Spa removal must be done by a professional with experience expertise and muscle. Our experience dealing with such behemoths gives us the edge over the college student with a pick up truck or weekend warrior plucked from the pages of craigslist services.

At Eco-Dumpster® we are professionals with years of combined experience. We get the job done and work in most of the San Francisco Bay.

Hot tub removal loading and old tub

Our bins drop on to the ground making it safe and easier to load the hot tub.

Reasons to get rid of it

  • Old hot tubs use a lot of electricity and become magnets for pests.
  • The warm electric motor inside the hot tub must be kept sealed to avoid infestations from vermin.
  • Old spas may look unsightly.

Hot tubs and Spas are vermin magnets

We have personally cut apart hot tubs to find elaborate tunnels dug by rats and other undesirables.

This hot tub removal was requested after the tub stopped working.

This hot tub looks more like a rat hotel.

Yes, it can be disturbing, relaxing hot tubs are magnets for undesirable vermin.

Check out some Solutions to your pest problem in hot tubs

We have personally encountered rats, mice, and even opossums. If the hot tub is not working we suggest removing the hot tub or having us do it for you.

Check out this case study: 8 rats jumped out! (sorry we didn’t get the footage on tape) however, the evidence can be seen below.

After being surprised by 8 rats this hot tub rolled out for easy removal

Once the spa was lifted a family of rats jumped out of this infested hot tub.

The property owner was shocked at the sight of large rats jumping out.

Upon inspection we were able to ascertain how infested the tub really was.

Just take a look at the huge rat hole in the bottom of the tub.

The soft insulating material is no match for a rats sharp teeth absolutely disgusting.

A rat hole in the bottom of a hot tub we removed.

Check out this huge rat hole.

A sweep up was performed.

Sweeping up the debris left over

The debris is swept up.

The infestation is gone and our client was thrilled.

The concrete pad is swept up and the job is complete.

From nasty mess to a new patio for our client.

Drain it, or we can do it for you. Make sure water is chemical free.

Ready for the Eco-Dumpster® service? We haul nearly anything!

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