Appliance recycling, we recycle all unwanted appliances

Appliance Recycling it’s worth it in the long run

Recycling appliances doesn’t have to be a pain in the lower back however before giving us a call read how appliance removalwill save you money in the long run.


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Appliance recycling, makes a lot of financial and environmental sense.

Appliance recycling, we recycle all unwanted appliances
Old refrigerators were well manufactured but they use a lot of electricity.

Recycling appliances is a no brainer.

Old appliances are not as efficient as newer appliances. New appliances are significantly more efficient.

A real world example:

Refrigerator from 1996 use approximately 150 kwh on average per month. Compare this to between 50-60 kwh for a modern refrigerator.

New Appliances are much more efficient.

Appliance Recycling is a no brainer when you take into account the efficiency of newer models. (not to mention the bells and whistles)

Can you imagine how efficient your grandmothers old but cute 1940’s GE refrigerator she keeps in the garage?

Old units are very inefficient

As if the figures above are not alarming enough consider this.

The old refrigerator costs $16.50 per month compared to $6.60 per month to operate.

The need for replacement and removal becomes apparent. Hey, you could buy a lot of tacos with those 120 dollars year!


Old washing machines


If your washer is old consider replacing it through our appliance removal service.

If you are set on keeping your washer we suggest you use the cold cycle. The color on your clothing will stay sharp for longer

90% of energy used on a washer is used to heat water. Front loaders use approximately 50% less water and 37% less electricity.


Tips for more efficient washing machine use:


appliance recycling of old washers is part of what we do
Old washing machines are inefficient
  1. Use less detergent- Laundry detergent is super concentrated and if you add too much it may trigger your washing machine to continue to rinse.
  2. Use the correct soil setting- Over the course of a year using the wrong setting will waste thousands gallons of water and kwh of electricity.
  3. Consider purchasing a front loader, the most efficient type of washer on the market.
  4. Consider purchasing an energy star washer.


Dryer sheets will soil the sensor which lets your dryer know the clothes are dry. A soiled sensor can cause your dryer to run for longer than necessary.

  1. Clean the lint trap every time you dry.
  2. Regularly vacuum the lint trap. (use the small flat attachment on your vacuum)
  3. Once a year pull the exhaust tube and clean the lint out with a shop vac or other vacuum.
  4. Clean the actual dryer. A lot of lint accumulates inside different parts of the dryer. Consider the video below.

Items we take for Appliance recycling:

  • Hot water heaters- Older models tend to rust and become inefficient. Consider changing your hot water heater to a more efficient model. We take all hot water heaters.
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators with freon or without freon

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