declutter your life of old electronics

5 Powerful ways to declutter your life, tried and tested.

declutter your life of old electronics1. Collect and consolidate obsolete electronics.

We all have the drawer and garage full of old electronic junk we don’t need that being said if you truly want to declutter it will be one of the first places you hit on your decluttering mission.

Time to declutter your life, clear the mothball fleet of routers and old computers.

3 Great places to start.

  1. Teenagers rooms- Teenagers love to hoard electronic devices and cables. Clear these out! Cables can be recycled as they are largely made of plastic and metal.
  2. Garage- Ah, the ol’ garage a symbol of American ingenuity and headquarters of a good 70% of all the junk in your home. Raiding it will surely yield large amounts of unused obsolete electronic junk perhaps an old crt television or two. Hit it hard and without mercy!
  3. Shed- Need we say more? Inventory the shed, get rid of excess boxes, old vcr’s (do you remember those?) get rid of all of it!You know those broken laptops you have? Take out the hard drive if you are concerned about losing your memories. Finally take it to the recycling center or give us a call for full service junk removal pick up.triple 7 decluttering

2. Execute the 7-7-7 routine and pummel your junk problem.

Donate 7 items a week for 7 weeks .

Start with old electronics, follow with clothing finally clear your pantry of items you never use.

Donate food items to local pantries. Here are some resources.

After the the 7 weeks evaluate whether you have put a significant dent in your excess accumulation, if not perform the routine for 7 months.

3. Stop shopping excessively.

If you truly want to become clutter free and keep your home relatively neat and orderly you must stop shopping for the unnecessary. Of course some items are necessary to our existence in a modern society.

declutter your life of old junk furniture

4. Unload unnecessary furniture.

Do you really need your grandmas 10 display cases? Obsolete television stands, antiquated sideboards are all large piece of furniture which no doubt accumulate dust and add to clutter and increase anxiety in certain people.

Junk removal, we load the dumpster for you
Junk removal by Eco-DumpsterĀ®. You sit back while we load the bin.

5. Call in professionals.

Hire a junk removal service or a professional organizer to help with your junk problem no doubt they will save you time and effort. Services like full service junk removal enables you to sit back, give instructions and sit back and sip tea.

Alternatively you could make a run to the “dump” or local transfer station but it’s usually a smelly and back breaking proposition.

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