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Why is San Jose so full of litter?


What is up with all the homeless encampments and why is there so much trash around them? Due to the rise in homelessness shanty towns have popped up everywhere in San Jose.

From willow glenn to South San Jose.

The problem has hit every part of San Jose. Even up in the mountains you will see the occasional illegally dumped mattress.

Movers who refuse to pay for proper disposal

We’ve all seen them, they leave their stuff with a “Free sign”. Or even worse, they dump in an alley it’s absolutely disgusting and abhorrent.

Why? Well proper disposal is never cheap. It needs to be handled by multiple people, sorted and the trash that isn’t recycled must be landfilled.

This means every time you pay to dispose of your trash you’re literally buying real estate for it. It’s sad but its the sad reality of our society.

Of course there is something you can do about it.

Drug Addicts

Drug addicts like to be close to their drugs and hence need resourced to buy said drugs. Many addicts will hoard junk in order to sell it and be able to have a constant supply of drugs.

Please understand we are not judging ANYONE, as folks come from all walks of life and have all had unique and traumatic experiences and we understand that..

However, it’s the sad reality
. Many folks who struggle with drug issues will hoard trash in order to sell it as they go and be able to provide an influx of drugs. In addition, debris is also used to construct improvised homes.

Drug Addicted Haulers

One phenomenon that has recently sprung up are shady haulers who usually operate out of pick ups trucks. Often times they approach people moving out with a great bargain on disposal. From there they pocket the money and dump on the side of the freeway or other public thouroughfare.

How to avoid them?

Only use companies who have good reviews online.

Simply put, no hauler with a reputation is going to dump on the side of the road. Simply put the bad publicity is enough to put any small hauler out of business.

Mentally Ill

About 30% of the homeless battle mental illness, so while it’s easy to judge them the truth is even living a normal life is a challenge for the mentally ill.

What can San Jose do?

At this point it’s either drop off receptacles for every encampment and even that brings its own set of problems, the problem is so complex but we have to get to the root of the problem as opposed to putting a band aid on it.

Some of the abatement is so expensive because of the presence of biological waste as well as possible exposure to drugs like fentanyl.

Simple exposure to the synthetic drug can be deadly!

Stop buying so much stuff

Easier said than done but the truth is were simply overloaded with way too much stuff. Luckily things are changing but buying less is something we can all manage.