Eco-Dumpster Rentals and Full Service Hauling

San Francisco Junk Removal and Eco-Dumpster Rentals

Eco-Dumpster Dumpster Bin

Why would you use anyone else?

What is an Eco-Dumpster Debris Box??

A bin designed specifically for the reclamation of salvageable materials for donation and of course debris!  Our Eco-Dumpster service comes in both fulls service and self-service.  With our full service junk removal service we provide the labor.  We still follow the same recycle and donate protocols.    With our self service dumpster you rent our Eco-Dumpster for 5 days and you fill at your leisure.

Who is Eco-Dumpster?

A bunch of renegade underdogs led by a former Army Vet set out to divert as much waste as possible.


Our mission in the San Francisco Bay?

To salvage as much junk, trash, debris and pass on history to those interested in it through donation and recycling.    We achieve this safely in our 4 cylinder diesel trucks with payloads of 3+ tons.  Our skilled drivers make sure we safely delivery your Eco-Dumpster or Eco-Dumpster Full Service Hauling.

 We are motivated and salvage everything from old growth lumber to your kids old hoodie.

We are an elite dumpster rental company.  We are small enough to be responsive and large enough to get the job done. We sprang about as the brain child of the founder of a hauling service. . He understood the importance of recycling as well as the moral obligation to pass on that which is still usable.

We are here to fill that need in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Count on us to get your child’s undersized bicycle to the right place. Count on us to pull out that old refrigerator and get it recycled.

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