antique candlestick lockers

Antiques and random finds. Wow old candlestick lockers!

Vintage Antiques and other randomness.

Old rusty Antiques really gets us excited. Few moments are as tense as when unearthing an old dust laden steamer chest from a dank attic in San Francisco. There are so many unique antique items some don’t even have a function in our modern world.

Antiques and old junk since a child

Personally I have enjoyed antiques since I was about 6 years old. I vividly recall walking down Broadway St. in Redwood City and being amazed.

As a shy young immigrant child with really crappy english skills I was too intimidated to ask anything about the “funny looking bicycle with a huge front wheel”.

We can let our imaginations run wild about the stories the steamer trunk could tell.

The voyages it has seen.

The smell, sights and sounds of the days gone immediately hit you in the face like a ton of bricks.

On this occasion it wasn’t an attic but a garage. A garage is not nearly as complex to service as an attic.
Ok now to the good part.

The find

The find was a few steel lockers. If you didn’t know any better you would never know the back story.

These amazing lockers came from the old 49ers candlestick stadium. THE STICK!

Yes that is right! Our client claimed they came from the locker room of the old stick. I am not one to authenticate them but they look pretty legit!

We love antiques, look at these candlestick lockers
Wow these vintage candlestick lockers were a real cool find.

What to do with them!?

The job was on a strict deadline and we had to focus on clearing the estate. We transported the vintage locker back to our yard.

It sat there…. We kept eyeballing it for ourselves but we knew we were just being selfish. It was time to let go. I finally understood the dilemma our customers faced day in and day out.

Scrap it

Just kidding, we really try to avoid scrapping antiques or vintage items. We prefer to donate antique items to individuals who can appreciate them.

Old items carry a lot of historical value. We can’t go back in time and remanufacture the past.

So what we do with them?

It was a sunny hot day when our friend Gary dropped by our yard. He immediately lit up when he saw the old lockers. At the time he didn’t know they came from the stick.

When we told him he could have them if he promised to give them a good home he was on his phone calling his wife to” bring the truck” within minutes.

And just like that within 20 minutes the good ol’ candlestick lockers were gone.

Bye bye vintage candlestick lockers. We will probably not miss them but still it hurt for a minute.


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