Trash Removal to most of the San Francisco Bay Area

Trash removal, hauling, junk, rubbish whatever you may want to call it is our specialty.   We haul fast, efficiently and safely.  Fast, responsive and of course eco-friendly.  Our name says it all..


Our clients use us for many reasons here are a few:

Real estate professionals use Eco-Dumpster to clear properties when tenants have left behind trash or when their client simply don’t have  time to clear the property.  We haul everything starting at our minimum if 1/8 of a truck all the way to full truck loads.

Estate liquidators use us to haul and donate the left overs of Estate Sales.  Upon the completion of an estate sale Eco-Dumpster comes in sorts, separates recycles donates and disposes of remnants.

Businesses use Eco-Dumpster to keep warehouses and workplaces free of clutter which comes with doing business.