Scavenged, recycled, donated and dumped for you!

Recycling is in our blood, we were founded on the very principal of minimizing waste.

Important to note we donate heavily .and last but not least we salvage more than any other debris box company in the bay area.

How we do it.

Work ethic, and “ganas” , (desire)

Of course work ethic and desire to do the right thing drives us to separate a lot of clothing, home goods and other items which may be reused.option.

What we do with the junk

This is what happens to your junk

Important to note, we turn around and donate salvageable items to a local charities. For example we donate to Salvation Army, Parca, Whole House Building Supply (now defunct, we lost that one 🙁 ) as well as individuals.

If junk is not able to be donated it will be scrapped for its raw material (if applicable or feasible).

Items or stuff which is not able to be recycled will be responsibly landfilled.

Why such emphasis?

It feels good and reduces the amount in landfills.
We’ve done this from the beginning.
It really bothered us seeing a lot of good clothing and other items going straight to landfill.

Experience with salvaging and recycling

Check it out, with our system we have learned to salvage a considerable amount, do good, all while keeping “trash” out of the landfill.
In fact, we also keep vintage and obsolete items out of the landfill and instead attempt to get it into the hands of collectors and creative types.

Different Service Options:

Construction debris removal

All our construction debris gets sorted out. We have a strict no landfill policy for all our construction material.

Unpainted wood is recycled, sheet rock can be turned into gypsum for soil amendments and concrete is taken to a special facility which crushes the concrete into 3/4 inch base rock for roads and other construction projects.


Full Service Hauling, Junk Dispoal

We go out to your residence, place of business, lot , boat, property etc… and haul away whatever you may have.

There are a few exceptions. We do not haul-away bio hazardous wastes, hazardous wastes, corpses, carcasses or people.

We have been asked so we must put it out there. You point and our team of highly trained haulers will haul away that which burdens you.


Additional Property Services

In addition we provide other services to provide a complete solution to many common issues.


Brush Abatement

Thick, overgrown brush in a backyard can make a property difficult to sell in fact it also creates problems with pests.

However this problem is remediated after we create a clear canvass for your project.

In fact, if you need brush abatement services please feel free to give us a call or book online for an onsite quote.

We have years of experience and the right equipment to get the job done.


Piano removals and dismantling service

Pianos create a unique challenge on their own.

Pianos are very very heavy and can and will injure people who are not trained or do not have the experience to deal with pianos.

Let me reiterate this before your significant other stubbornly wants to “take it to the dumps myself”.

Obviously the reason why they present a challenge is simple.

For example a pianos weight is distributed unevenly and as such is difficult to maneuver and dangerous to handle and lift.

In cases where it is unsafe to transport the piano in one piece we prefer to disassemble the piano.

Uprights and Grands we have hauled them all.


Equipment? You got it!

This includes 36″ narrow Skidsteers, weed trimmers, dumpster trucks with the ability to drop our Eco-Dumpsters right on the ground.

Our professionals will always work with junk trucks.

We do not use beat up pick up trucks or unsightly vehicles. All vehicles in our fleet are kept clean and maintained.

Need a different service?