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Eco-Dumpster San Francisco

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You are in the right place. After reading our quick little guide we know you will be better prepared to hire a large bin our guide includes tips on how to ascertain the proper size for your project.


Rent a dumpster today and clear your junk tomorrow.


The bin drops to the ground which makes loading them significantly easier than loading a moving truck.


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Save time and money! Minimize environmental impact too!


Make the correct decision, figure out these things before you rent a dumpster.

Size needed


By standard,  dumpster volume is measured in cubic yards.


That being said, what the heck is a cubic yard?

Simple, a unit of measurement, picture a box 36″ x 36″ x 36 aka 3 feet.


picture of a cubic yard made of concrete

This is how much space a cubic yard takes.

2.5 cubic yards fit into a standard size, flush pick up truck load.


A flush pick up truck load of debris held down by a cargo net to show an example of how much 2.5 yards is equal to.

Full size pick up truck load is equal to 2.5 cubic yards.

Ok so how many flush pick up truck loads fit?


If you rent a dumpster from us expect to fit 7.22 flush pick up truck loads worth in our 18 cubic yard bin in addition the dumpster bin comes with a 6,000 lb payload included in the price.

18 yard dumpster holds 7.22 pick up trucks worth of trash

15 yarder holds 6 trucks

The 18 yarder comes with 6,000 lbs of payload already covered.


  • 3 tons of payload includedThat being said, any weight over that price is charged at $100 per ton pro-rated.
  • 15 yarder comes with 4,000 lbs of payloadExceeding the weight allowance means you would pay $100 dollars per ton pro-rated.


How the heck am I supposed to know how much my stuff weighs?


  • The average 18 yarder comes back weighing 1.5 tons when loaded with household junk.


  • 15 yarders comes back weighing about  1 ton.


Of course weights depend on your material.


Note: We don’t suggest loading our bins full of anything more dense than dry wall.


Our 15 yarder fits six flush pick up truck loads of worth of material!


4,000 lbs of payload included in the price.

What is your load comprised of?


Loads are categorized into four major types:

  1. Construction debris, this includes wood waste, drywall, paper, cardboard and packaging.
  2. Household junk, items from a house or garage including some yard junk.
  3. Green waste, shrubbery (compost)
  4. Dense materials: this includes concrete, dirt, tile, plaster, rock, stucco,

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    Giving us intel, as to what you have is important.

    No doubt, it will help us give you the best service and streamline our recycling efforts.


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