Eco-Dumpster® is an expert in garage clean outs. In addition to removing the trash we do the recycling and donating for you.

Simply let us know what goes and what doesn’t we work carefully but with a sense of urgency.

Garage clean outs are our bread and butter.

We haul away anything in a garage with the exception of hazardous waste.

  • Old Tools – If you don’t need them we can haul them away.
  • Boxes, we sort and empty them into our truck.
  • Books – Eco-Dumpster® realizes that with the advent of the computer and other digital medium books are being thrown away at an astonishing rate. Our goal is to recycle or donate every book we receive.
  • Cardboard boxes- There is no reason why cardboard needs to be dumped in the landfill. Cardboard should be reused and recycled if no other option. Transporting, bailing and reprocessing also takes energy and puts addition carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Clear the slats on top of the garage.
  • Wooden shelf or work bench demolition and removal.
  • Old work out equipment – Old workout equipment is notoriously underused. We haul away a lot of informercial type of gym equipment.
  • Compressors and other large cumbersome equipment – If in doubt give us a call don’t injure yourself trying to move a large top heavy band saw or other dangerous piece of equipment.

Check out the drastic results in this particular garage clean out.

garage clean out before and after

Drastic results when you hire Eco-Dumpster®

We even cleared the garages crawlspace.

This garage was also a crawl space of course we geared up with dust masks and retrieved years of accumulation.

The new owners of this home will be happy we did.

From clutter to clutter free in less than 2 hours.

This particular job had other items inside the house. It took a bit longer to run around the house and collect loose left over odds and ends from the estate sale however the results were worth it.

Of course many of the items were reusable or recyclable no doubt that was our next step.

Some things shouldn’t go to waste.

Out of this particular garage we were able to salvage quite a bit of stored kitchenware.

Of course we boxed it up and were successful in donating them.

dishes from a clean out

We donated these lovely dishes

These cool vintage bowls were separated and donated as well.

lovely colorful bowls



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