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Junk removal bins, Rent it or let us fill it for you.

Eco friendly, upfront, no hassle. We keep it real


Happy to see you! Welcome


Our junk removal bins are available in most parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, delivered safely in our 6 wheeled clean diesel trucks.


Our drivers go the extra mile to assure your waste disposal needs are met.

Specialized trucks are compact enough to deliver everywhere

from remote areas to the small but colorful alleys of San Francisco.


  • Delivery vehicles have amazing turning radiuses.
  • We go where most full size roll off trucks can’t go.
  • Short wheel bases mean we can turn and get into smaller areas.
We donate to furniture to local charities

donating to local charities.

Local, Bay Area Based


Locally based and Veteran owned. We strive for excellence and rent our junk removal bins while salvaging and recycling the heck out of em’.

Don’t want to fill the bin yourself?


If you would rather have us fill the bin, schedule full service junk removal.

Here we do things a bit differently.


Choose from 2 options:


When you hire us, you are helping a local business- not a franchised or large corporate competitor.


We appreciate it! We work hard for you!

No doubt we have the experience and equipment to complete the big jobs while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the needs of our extensive customer base.

Junk removal bins

Here it is

No greenwash zone, our business is recycling.


“What makes you eco-friendly?”

We have heard this question a few times- sometimes with skepticism of course our company was founded on the principle of recycling as much “junk” as possible.

Our philosophy is part of our identity. Experts in donation and recycling.

Our company is progressive and prides itself in creativity, tree hugging (we aren’t ashamed) and personal service.

We were the first junk removal company to run 100% biodiesel back in 2006!

Donating to charities makes us smile and it’s good for the environment.


We take your junk from your Eco-Dumpster® junk removal bin and we donate it.

We salvaged this from an Eco-Dumpster® and donated this load to our friends at PARCA

If we can’t donate it we try to recycle it.


We salvage and recycle from our junk removal bins.

This basketball hoop was too battered and bulky to donate. We recycled it!

Some items are too damaged, obsolete or recalled so we would rather recycle it for its raw material.

From a basketball hoop to a car someday.

The broken down basketball hoop above could have ended up rusting away in a landfill somewhere but thanks to our crews efforts it was shredded baled and sent overseas to be smelted and manufactured into something useful.

We do not litter the roads.

  • 100% manual tarp policy.
  • All junk bins are tarped (covered) manually, no doubt doing it the “old school” way ensures litter and junk is kept in our trucks and out of the freeway and streets of the bay area.
  • Keep your trash out of the ocean and out of the great pacific garbage patch.

Our manual tarps may not cover the truck with the flip of a button however we know a bit of good old fashioned work is worth it.

Countless times we have witnessed trucks spilling trash over the windy bridges of the bay area.

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you seen garbage cans, wood or other junk on the freeway?

It wasn’t us we promise!

We have a zero tolerance for careless littering, get the picture?

Our junk removal containers are delivered daily between 8am to 4pm except Sunday.

2397 Spring St.
Redwood City, CA

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