Bed bugs are masters of stealth and experts in the art of hiding in junk furniture.

No doubt, we must assume all furniture is infested EVEN after professional treatment.

Infestation by bed bugs is no joke, dispose of infested furniture properly to avoid rift with landlords and neighbors.

couch reads, do not take infested by bed bugs

Bed bug infested couch, don’t be this person

Step 1. Decide whether you will do it yourself, or have a professional dispose of your infested items.

A professional will provide the equipment and experience to contain bed bugs within the infested furniture or other items until they can be disposed of.

Reasons to hire a pro?

  • Worry free
  • Proper equipment
  • The price and hassle of doing it yourself are probably not worth the savings.
  • A pro can haul your furniture in one large trip as opposed to pestering your buddy Joe (who is tired of people asking him to borrow his pick up truck)

Step 2. Don, appropriate protective gear including WHITE coveralls.

It’s important to use the correct gear to avoid contaminating yourself, as a matter of fact bed bugs can and will crawl in shoes in a last ditch effort to survive.

In short, don’t give them that chance.

But why white?

According to research, bed bugs prefer and dislike certain colors. In addition white allows you to see the smallest of particles on your coveralls.

Here are bed bugs favorite colors:

  • Red, (especially dark red)
  • Black|

    They dislike, white and bright yellow colors. (can you see why?)

wrap potentially infested furniture in plastic wrap

Make sure furniture is completely encased in plastic.

Step 3. Wrap all contaminated furniture with plastic wrap or special bed bug bags.

Make sure there are no holes or crevices where bed bugs can fall or crawl out. We can’t stress enough make sure all furniture is enclosed in a cocoon of non porous material that being said we like plastic wrap.

disposing of bed bugs

Step 4 Carefully move furniture to container or transport vehicle.

Move your furniture into your container or preferred transportation option.

Step 5 Transport the infested furniture to a local landfill for disposal.

For obvious reasons bed bug infested couches should not be donated or salvaged. It’s simply not worth it to attempt to salvage an infested couch. If a professional suggests it he probably want’s to see you a few times 😉

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