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Home Cleaning Services to

 WoW you.


Ok, so you are ready to step it up and remove a mundane task from your to do list?


Quality Cleaning, done right. (Yes you can mess it up)



Your home is your sanctuary –  after the hustle and bustle,


YOU come home to relax away from the anxiety and chaos of the world.


Our house cleaning services will be sure to save you time, and of course all know TIME IS MONEY.


From everyday services, weekly or bi weekly cleaning count on us to get it done.


Unrivaled attention to detail and non toxic chemicals are used for cleaning.  Our check list ensures thorough cleaning.



What makes our home cleaning service different?


✅ Years of Cleaning Experience to get the the best results.


✅ Free cleaning estimates


✅ Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Available!



Cleaning Service Area


  • Menlo Park, ca
  • Redwood City, ca
  • Emerald Hills Ca
  • Palo Alto, ca
  • Los Gatos, ca
  • San Mateo
  • other nearby cities, ask us

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Types Of Cleaning Services



  • Recurring Home Cleaning – Get the most bang for your back with recurring house cleaning service.
  • One time cleanings – A great way to try us out.   When you really need to get your home cleaned without a commitment.
  • Same day Home cleaning – In a rush? Hit us up!
  • Move in Move out cleaning – All those dust bunnies and grime under the bed, GONE!
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Fall Cleaning
  • After party cleaning – After a great party no one wants to clean up, simply schedule us and consider that task done.



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Benefits of Regular Professional House Cleanings



Regular cleaning keeps your home clean, beautiful and sparkling.  Simply put the more frequent your cleanings the easier it is to maintain your home in sparkling condition.


No longer will you be embarrassed when company shows up last minute.  In fact a clean home will help your company feel at ease and comfortable in your home.



Save time Cleaning!


Time savings will be tremendous in fact this is the reason why so many affluent and high earning individuals see house cleaning as an investment towards their time.


Save time with a house cleaning services, go do the things you actually want to do.


Improve your relationship


Often couples squabble over home cleaning duties, lets face it, a cleaning service will probably help with that too.



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