dumpster rental

Renting a HUGE garbage bin is the easy


hassle free way to make way for the new.



When you have the space, you make it happen.

Size, it’s as simple as that. A big wide open dumpster begs to be filled. Nothing brings out the do’er in you!


While a full size pick up truck can fit approximately 2.5 cubic yards one of our boxes can fit many times that.


15 cubic yards and 18 cubic yards to be specific.


How much can it really fit?

Let’s just say you can fit a small car in one of our boxes.

Voila, brand new metallic items made of old junk cars.

What happens to the stuff?


It depends, some gets recycled, some gets donated and some gets dumped.

However the cool thing about our company mission is our willingness to go the extra mile in order to recycle what we can. Yes this includes donating to charities! Yes, we are donating warriors!

What can go in it?


Everything from tree branches to garage overflow junk.

Construction debris is ok too however please don’t intermix dirt, concrete, tile, stucco or other dense materials.

Keep in mind that stuff is extremely heavy and can make the bin too heavy to safely lift and or transport.

No bodies, body parts, syringes, toxics or fluorescent bulbs.

Here is a picture of one our bins while still on our truck.

garbage bin rental is a cinch when you order it online

It takes up a parking space.

Don’t worry the bin takes up a parking space however it’s a bit wider than a pick up truck. 8 feet wide to be exact.



We need YOU

to help us maximize how much we can salvage.




Together we prevail! Here is how you can help


When we work together we can maximize how much we can recycle.

For example, if your bin is completely full of items for reuse, simply

Let the driver know.

  1. Load garbage on the bottom of the bin. Styrofoam, and other soiled non recyclable items on the bottom.
  2. Next, load paper, cardboard, Banker boxes full of paper of even cardboard boxes are perfect for this layer. Salvaging and recycling is a lot easier when you load in layers.
  3. Finally, load scrap metal and bagged donateable items.

Stuff you would like donated should go on the top layer but as mentioned earlier let the driver know. Our heart is in the right place so if you let us know we will try our hardest.


If the item is too heavy, leave it close to the rear doors.

Thanks, that helps a ton, no pun intended.


You guys sound DIFFERENT, who are you?



Think of us as a mix of garbage dudes, with the can do attitude of an Army Grunt, and conscience of tree huggers.

Yep that’s us.

It’s very important for you to know: we are pioneers and not scared to say it.

Our methods have been copied by the largest junk hauling companies in America and that’s a fact jack.

In fact, we were the first hauling service to run 100% biodiesel in our trucks back in 2006.

It’s a fact.



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