Furniture Disposal, Home or Office

Immediate Furniture Disposal of junk furniture.


Here at Eco-Dumpster we are specialists at hauling away unwanted junk furniture.



Whether your cat did a number on your couch or you are moving out of state.


Count on Eco-Dumpster® to come in and safely remove, haul, donate, salvage or dispose of your old junk couch.   ‘

Our crew will safely move your furniture with care to not damage any of your property.   We have helped everyone from home owners, senior homes , hotels schools and other organizations.


Furniture which does not have upholstery is easier to donate than its upholstered counterparts.


We service the whole bay area.

Full service junk removal pick ups are available all over the San Francisco bay area.


Full service hauling and disposal means


  • You don’t do the loading.
  • A team comes in your home and hauls off your furniture.
  • Pricing is pro rated hence you only pay by the 1/8 of the truck. That being said feel free to explore more on pricing. 

“My furniture just needs to be dumped!”


Say no more.  We’re on it…

Book your appointment for same day or next day furniture removal.



Bed Bugs

The resurgence of bed bugs in the United States has made it challenging to donate certain household goods.

Please, if you are aware of the presence of bed bugs please inform us in order to take the necessary precautions.

If you want to dispose of an item with bed bugs please make sure you let dispatch know.  They will make note in the order and we will be better able to serve you.

Because of the stigma that comes with bed bug infestation we are very discreet.  Our technicians all work with discretion.

If your furniture is infested with bed bugs, wrap your furniture in moving plastic or hire us to do it for you.

Check out this case study of a job involving wrapping furniture in plastic to avoid the spread of bed bugs.


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