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Furniture Disposal, Eco-Dumpster® hauls it fast.


Furniture disposal can be a daunting task. It makes our lives easier but when we have to get rid of it, it is heavy and cumbersome work.     We can haul same day or next day! Perhaps your couch is dated, cat clawed or worse! Maybe the particle board got wet and your once beautiful piece looks like a big frail mess. Maybe you simply changed things around.    We make our best effort to donate furniture when possible but have hauled some pieces that looked like they were stuffed in an oversized blender for one or two pulses.

Furniture disposal of a couch in redwood city ca

This customer felt like his couch was dated so we hauled it off.

“The donation company wont pick up for three weeks”

We hear it all the time.  Our customers come to us, often times a donation center is overwhelmed and cannot schedule a pick up to fit your schedule.  We pick up 6 days a week between 8am and 4pm with later times and even 24 hr operations upon special request.  We can haul your couch, mattresses, office furniture or other home furniture.   When you are in a pinch book for same day or next day service.  


We haul awkward furniture

We have picked up some unusual and large pieces.  This piece of furniture was quite special.  We picked this vintage coca cola from the late 50’s early 60’s from a house in Berkeley Ca.  It is a beautiful old piece of Americana but the owner no longer wanted it.  The furniture / appliance  piece was unusually heavy and took experience and teamwork to get out safely without damage to person or property.

It's not quite furniture but it was used like it

We hauled away this old coca cola machine piece and gave it a new home.

Most of the Bay Area

We go the distance for all your furniture disposal needs.  We work as far north as Novato and as far south as South San Jose and as far east as Livermore.  If you are past our range don’t be discouraged.  We are a customer service oriented business.  Give us a call to have us accommodate you.  We are here to serve you for all your furniture disposal needs.


The right equipment for the job

Our fleet of trucks come properly equipped to make furniture haul away and disposal safe and easy.  We carry appliance dollies and furniture dollies.  Most of our trucks have the special ability to drop its box body to the floor to make loading easy.  (ala transformers)

Furniture disposal with a dolly.

Furniture dollies help us move the big pieces

furniture removal with an upright dolly

When we have the upright furniture we use these.

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