Upfront full Service Junk Removal Pricing San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose

Are you looking for full service junk removal pricing information?

Wanna get an idea of the cost of junk removal near you?

Our pricing applies to the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda and some parts of Contra Costa and Marin County.

Great, pricing is transparent and can be seen below.

Full service junk removal pricing in San Francisco Bay

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Full service hauling means

  • We arrive in our truck
  • Give you an upfront estimate before we start any work.
  • Our crew hauls all your junk into our truck.

Pro rated truck pricing sheet for Household Junk and Construction Debris

(concrete, dirt and other dense materials are priced slightly differently).

  • $160.00 – 2.25 cubic yards = 1/8 of truck
  • $279.00 – 4.5 cubic yards= 1/4 truck
  • $349.00 – 6.75 cubic yards= 3/8 of a truck load
  • $449.00 – 9 cubic yards = 1/2 truck load
  • $590.00 – 13.5 cubic yards= 3/4 of a truck
  • $649.00 – 15.75 cubic yards= 7/8 of a truck
  • $695.00 – 18.00 cubic yards Full truck

Image below compares flush pick up trucks to our Eco-Dumpster® bin.

This is how much space a cubic yard takes up

Concrete and Dense Material Pricing (this includes things like tile, dirt, rock, cement)

  • Each cubic yard is $164.00,
  • A cubic yard is an area 3x3x3 or 27 cubic feet.
  • It may sound cryptic so you may want to check out a resource on the cubic yard.
  • Loading by shovel or tractor available

Our team will load your dense material into our truck

however depending on the density of the material and highway regulations our trucks can only haul approximately 5 cubic yards of dense material.

Our junk removal pricing for the San Francisco Bay area includes labor, and disposal fees. You point and it’s gone. We do the labor and carry the debris into our Eco-Dumpster trucks/ bins.

After junk removal get ready to claim your new swept canvass

Upon completion we broom sweep the work area of dust, particles and debris. The clear canvass really inspired some of our clients.

Full service, ultimate in convenience.
Choose this option if you would rather not use a debris box and need the ultimate in recycling convenience no doubt we do the sorting,donating,recycling, up cycling and trashing.

We get in and we get out for this reason we work as a team to efficiently seamlessly and safely haul away your discards and items you may want to donate.

Do good while purging in one big shot!
Forget about taking multiple trips to the dump, recycling center and the donation station from here on out give us a shout.

Live in a remote spot? We got you covered!

Full service hauling / junk removal available in most parts of the Bay Area including but not limited to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale.

Most noteworthy we have very few issues with turning radius up in the hills of La Honda, Skyline, Skylonda, Pescadero and other more remote unincorporated parts of San Mateo County.

Our style of doing business.

  • No hassle, no bait and switch pricing. Keep it Classy California
  • Our pricing is transparent we will always quote you up front and there are never any surprises unless you choose to add additional junk or labor.
  • “Surcharges” are tacky and cheesy so we avoid ’em.
  • Certain appliances contain freon which must be evacuated by trained professionals.

Because recyclers must pay to evacuate the freon, it is typical for most hauling services to charge additional surcharges.

Not the Eco-Dumpster way, fortunately our long relationship with bay area recycling facilities enables us to pass this saving on to our valuable customers.

Tire recycling – Tires need special disposal. Feel free to learn more about the process.
Passenger Car Tires Recycling – $10 per tire
Truck tire recycling – $20 per tire

Give us a buzz and make us your complete junk removal solution in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
You may be alarmed if the team sometimes breaks up particle board furniture that may be reused.

Unfortunately due to the weight, lack of structural strength and susceptibility to moisture particle board furniture is increasingly difficult to recycle or donate.

Particle board is treated with chemicals and glues which can be highly toxic. Particle board is very heavy so many times the team will choose whatever is safest to people and property.


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