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Benefits of Mulch.


Mulch is highly beneficial for your yard.  Why? Here are some of the top benefits.


Helps prevent erosion


Adding mulch to a muddy area will prevent further eroding.  Of course this wont work in severe cases cliffs etc..


Retains soil moisture


Tired of watering ALL the time? Add some mulch and save gallons of water easily and affordably.  The wood and decaying matter from the trees shields the dirt from the quick  evaporative effect of the sun.


Feeds worms which create highly beneficial worm castings.


Worms are highly beneficial to soil and their castings are great fertilizer.  There is no need to buy fertilizer when you having a lot of worms castings.  Wood chips helps create their the moisture they love and they also feed on the decomposing matter.


Feeds fungus which in turn feed your plants.


Decaying matter feeds fungus which have a symbiotic relationship with many plants.




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