Dumpster rental redwood city truck arm gets a tattoo.

Rough dumpster rental Redwood City guys on the outside, big kids at heart

Our dumpster rental redwood city truck needed a lil pizzaz.  We just don’t grow up.  There is something inherently human about expressing ourselves artistically on unconventional mediums.

For years we have thought about how cool it would be to paint our mechanical arm to look like a human arm.

A truck without art is generic, generic we are not!

The anticipation of seeing our dumpster rental truck pick up a 3,000 steel bin with an “arm” was enough to send us into a cleaning frenzy.

With great fervor we cleaned the cold dense hydraulic arm of any road grime or grease.  Within 20 minutes the clean up was ready.


Here comes the dumpster truck .  Ready for some art.

Eco-Dumpster® trucks stays busy. Finally, we were able to make a bit of time in between our busy dumpster rental  schedule.

Arm art transformation would be challenging proposition.  Cold steel doesn’t look anywhere close to flesh.

Meet Suabe, Creative Artist

Suabe is a local artist from Redwood City, Ca more specifically North Fair Oak, Ca.

We met Suabe around our neighborhood a few years back.  Upon reviewing his talent we hired him to paint a full dumpster.

Not wanting to stifle his expression we let him to go town.

Suabe has made Redwood City his canvass and has single handedly beautified the unincorporated North Fair Oaks neighborhood .    

The decision to use Suabe was a no brainer.    You can see his art @ come_as_you_art on instagram.

Dumpster rental Redwood City truck gets some art work done

Suabe expresses himself on a non conventional canvass. A dumpster truck


Painting the mechanical arm on our dumpster rental redwood city truck.

Hit the hydros!

Completed! the dumpster rental redwood city division truck was ready for a road test.  We were ready to activate the hydraulic arm for some real fun.

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