Construction Waste Recycling

 Construction Waste Recycling in the San Francisco Bay


Find more information on Construction debris removal and hauling, here

Cardboard Recycling

Recycling paper products out of construction debris loads adds up.


Important to note nany cities in the bay area have ordinances which dictate how much debris needs to be recycled.


Our standard.


Eco-Dumpster™ has long relationships with many bay area recyclers.


Important to note, we have refined our system over years of experience.


In addition, we have the experience needed to take your recycling and environmental consideration to the next level.

Several commodities pulled out and recycled.


Count on Eco-Dumpster®, an amazing alternative to your run of the mill hauler.

Drywall, wood, concrete, and metals can all be easily recycled.  Fixtures can be salvaged for re-use or recycling.  Salvage is always the best option followed by recycling.
We have a zero landfill policy when it comes to construction and demolition waste.  All of our construction and demolition jobs will either be sorted by us or go to an approved recycling center.

Concrete Recycling


Concrete is dense and can be arduous and dangerous if not approached with experience and safety measures.


As a result of this density our whole truck cannot be filled with concrete.


Generally we carry approximately 4 cubic yards of concrete per load depending on the density of the concrete.


For more information on concrete services go to our concrete removal page.


What do we do with the concrete?


We take all our concrete loads to designated recyclers who crush the concrete into base rock or concrete sand to be used in other construction projects.


Rest assured, when you recycle concrete with Eco-Dumpster™ you will be helping someone else out in their construction project.  We have a zero landfill policy for concrete loads.

Paper recycling.


Especially close to our heart is our effort to recycle paper products. The more recycled the less trees need to come down.


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