Cleaning up after an estate sale liquidation is tedious and tiring labor however


we take care of all the bagging, sorting, recycling and donating.


Our clients range from real estate professionals, estate liquidators, fiduciaries and trustees. Check out the case study below.


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What is involved?


Luckily our years of experience has given us insight into the exact process needed to quickly and efficiently recycle, dispose and donate estate sale left overs or estates.




  • Sorting through the immense amounts of junk in a large estate can be tedious, tiring, dusty and even hot.


recycling eco



  • Because donation stations get impacted with a lot of junk,  simply put,  it just doesn’t move fast enough the best solution is to recycle.


For example you simply wouldn’t want to donate an old school all metal box spring.  It’s obsolete.

Responsible Disposal

  • Obviously a household has a lot of garbage which needs to be consolidated and dumped responsibly and legally.


real estate agent

Case Study:  Real Estate Agent led, post estate sale clean up.


Professionals trust us


One of our clients who is a real estate professional called on us recently  first and foremost he needed immediate hauling as the home was about to close.

Our clients mission is to make it as easy and painless to sell a home appropriately he contacted us.

According to him he knew we could get the job done on time and without further complications.

fast responseImmediate response.


Our client called at 10am and by 2pm our team was hauling off the first load.

However, the next day we returned with a vengeance and hauled off two more trucks of junk.

Random junk strewn about

Random junk strewn about

So much randomness.

Yup a little bit of everything.  Years of accumulation and a plethora of bric-a-brac and ephemera.

a large steamer chest found hidden and did not sell at the estate sale

Cool treasure chest. Kidding, its called a steamer chest and it was used for travel in the days of traveling by ship. Many of them have intricate systems to hang your clothes!

We found some cool stuff and donated it.


A few really cool things were left over, all of which quickly found a home at a local non profit.  After doing estate sales for years we’ve refined our system.


Truck backed right into garage for the junk removal operation after an estate sale.

Truck backed right into the garage

San Francisco, a special city.


This particular estate sale job was in the avenues of San Francisco Ca luckily parking was readily available so the scenario wasn’t as challenging as other situations we have been faced with.

The ease of parking made the situation a breeze for us.  (relatively speaking of course).

As far as logistics  this was a perfect San Francisco job.

Stairs to the garage inside an estate sale home.

Climbing stairs is part of the job.  Work ethic is important to us.  We do move!


“Wow that was a packed estate, how did you do it so fast?”


All we can say is, good old fashioned work ethic, sense of urgency and meticulous movements.


Work ethic, experience and equipment


Laziness is not part of our work ethic or ethos.  No doubt we always move with a sense of urgency.

Not only that, we work smart and use our equipment and bins if needed to facilitate the logistics of moving so much junk.



Empty space where junk once was

Empty space, left broom swept by us

The clean and clear estate


This was before.

The garage was messy and picked through after the estate sale.

From messy and picked through


Be aware, after an estate sale the estate will be picked through and stuff strewn about.  In the heat of shopping customers opened boxes and just left things everywhere in this particular estate.


Obviously all those pieces of paper and knick knacks need to be consolidated, sorted and disposed of or recycled appropriately.

Empty garage

Empty Garage and broom swept.

To empty and swept.  A job well done.


After emptying the estate a broom sweep of the area was performed.  Thanks for checking out our little write up on this estate.

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