Junk removal service owned by a veteran will save you time.

Are you overwhelmed and need a junk removal service immediately? You have found the solution.

Eco-Dumpster® Full Service hauling

Our team provides full service junk abatement all over San Francisco Bay.  We load the Eco-Dumpster® bin and leave your area broom swept and free of junk.

You read correctly… You don’t have to bring your items to the curb or driveway.

Free quote, rid your home or business of junk with our easy junk removal service online scheduler.

1. Call us directly at 650-367-7644 or  book on this site.

a representative is waiting for your junk removal call.

2.  Arrival within a 2 hour time window with a call 20 minutes prior to arrival.

We book your junk removal service in two hour time blocks.

That being said we promise we don’t do this to be annoying but the time window gives us time to recycle and do donation drop offs.

Occasionally jobs can run longer than expected so this helps us stay on schedule.


junk removal job, our bin is unloaded for loading ease.

Arriving and dropping our Eco-Dumpster® for a full service junk removal job.

3. Free estimate based on volume

We arrive and estimate based on our flat pricing sheet.  A quote is always provided before any work is performed.

You only pay for the portion of the truck load.

Note: If you have dense materials like concrete, dirt, sand etc.. it is priced by the cubic yard.

junk removal estimate form

Before any junk removal occurs we will always give you a free estimate.

4.  Your choice , no hassle, free estimates.

Our estimates are always no hassle pressure free.

That being said most our customers choose immediate relief.  They have told us the the relief they feel is similar to that of a “weight being lifted of their chest”.

5.  We take over from here, we load up the truck in a safe efficient manner.

Junk removal, we load the dumpster for you

Junk removal service by Eco-Dumpster®. You sit back while we load the bin.  This is a real picture taken straight from the field.5.  We take over from here, we load up the truck in a safe efficient manner.

6. Finally  we sweep up the area leaving you with space and relief.

Before the junk removal service the area was littered with paper

From a mess to an empty space.

After the job it's clean and clear.

Full service junk removal includes a sweep of the work area.













7.  We leave, we recycle and we donate.

Finally, you enjoy your new space while we figure out the best way to dispose and recycle of your junk.

We donate to furniture to local charities. Our ecodumpster bin is parked.

Eco-Dumpster® donates to local charities.




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