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Ever hauled construction waste?

Dry wall dust filled rooms and nail ridden floors make construction debris removal challenging and dangerous if not performed by a professional.

Accordingly we suggest you let Eco-Dumpster® do all the sweaty, back breaking work.


order concrete removal service

Order construction debris removal.


Construction Debris Removal done the right way.

C&D removal and disposal  is a physically demanding and potentially dangerous job.  Debris on the floor, nails and dust must be mitigated with proper safety equipment and deliberate and safe movement in order to avoid injury .


Construction debris removal and clean up

Construction debris clean up, I mean where do you even start right?

We remove and recycle construction debris in most of the San Francisco Bay area.  Our clients include homeowners and contractors


How does ordering service work?

  1.  Book online of course or  call us at 650-367-7644 to be put on the calendar.
  2. Receive a call 20 minutes prior to our arrival.
  3. The debris will be evaluated of course all our estimates are done off of our pricing sheet. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with our estimate, our crew will begin loading for you.
  5. Immediate work areas will be swept clean.
  6. Payment accepted in the form of Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Check and Cash.
  7. We remove our equipment and let you continue with your day

Full service construction debris removal.

Construction Trash Removal

From clutter to clutter free

This is a full service solution and is a great solution for contractors or home owners looking for immediate site clean up.

A cluttered construction site is unsafe.

A cluttered site is a potentially unsafe one and will surely garner attention from local inspectors and guests.   Clean up those trip hazards with Eco-Dumpster.

Stop and prevent accidents on your site by fixing:

  • Trip hazards
  • Pay special attention when working with tile as the dust on the floor is extremely slippery.
  • Dusty slippery floors
  • Keeping all cables out of the way

The right work ethic, the right equipment for the job.

Loading is done with wheel barrows, trash bins, and a lot of muscle however we are capable of loading with a skid steer loader (bobcat) if needed.


Everything from Wood, to Concrete.

Most construction sites create waste of different types.  Wood from framing, boxes from appliances. dry wall from the sheet rock subcontractor etc…


Let us take it all…


An orderly construction site says a lot about the contractor.

construction debris removal

“The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything”


What happens to the debris?

The debris is separated and recycled.  Wood, metal, concrete, and cardboard is all common in mixed loads of construction debris however we make sure it it’s segregated and recycled with out strict no landfill policy for c&d loads.

If source separation is not possible construction debris is still sorted at a registered construction debris recycling facility.

Responsive, fast loading crew.

Eco-Dumpster® provides same day or next day service and it takes our crew approximately two hours to fill an entire Eco-Dumpster®.

Some factors affect loading speed.

  • Stairs.
  • Shoveling dense materials.
  • Narrow access.
  • Distance to the debris pile.


Dense Materials, ie: concrete, dirt, stucco, plaster,

If you have concrete, dirt, gravel, or plaster to dispose of  our pricing is a bit different.

a cubic yard made of concrete, junk removal pricing for a cubic yard of dense material is 164 dollars

This is how much space a cubic yard takes.

Dense materials are $164.00 per cubic yard with a 1 yard minimum.

Dense materials are more expensive to load, transport, dispose of and recycle and is priced differently than standard construction waste.

In addition, dense materials are harder on our equipment finally dense material requires knowledge of weights and transport methods which not every hauler has experience with.

Finally if you have a bulk load of dense material please feel free to contact us for a free onsite estimate.


Are you looking to do it yourself?

Perhaps Self Service Eco-Dumpster Rental (5 day rental, standard) is a good fit.

D.I.Y in 5 easy steps:


  1.  Call us or book online
  2. Your Eco-Dumpster arrives, pay on delivery.
  3. You load
  4. We pick up
  5. We sort, recycle, donate and dispose of your load.

Our self service Eco-Dumpsters have a lifting capacity of 3 tons.  No dense materials allowed in the self service Eco-Dumpster.

Junk Removal
Construction debris removal
Junk Removal
Construction debris removal
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San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose areas.
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Drywall, wood, and other construction debris promptly taken care of and disposed of. Recycling services available to meet recycling guidelines. Give us a call for your complete construction debris remediation. Easy, fast, responsive service.
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